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This is the game where you can find myself and Evion. If you don't know what it is by the time you find this post you have been purposely avoiding it.

We can be found on the Evindra server, which yes, is a RP-PVE, but they're not super strict about it.

I can be found under the oh-so-familer moniker of DrakusMortem



  • Familer?
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    familiar. I blame my poor spelling on tech dependency, and general laziness.

    As an update though. I am still playing this game. There is no more Evindra server as they merged realms into a mega server. Kapec was around for a little bit but it either wasn't interesting enough for him, or school ate him.

    It is definitely a game with bugs yet it has a strong hold on myself and Evion (she runs the guild we live in)

    If anyone feels brave enough to try it, We are on the Entity server (US PVE)
  • Hey Drak! Do you still play? I played a bit when it first came out, but when I hit level 50, I got a little bored with the grind. Decided to open it back up and play! If you're still around, send me a message! My character name is Avadriel Ana
  • Yes, I am still playing. I'll send you a message. I'm sure by now you've been all over the latest patch
  • Guess I'm too late to the Wildstar party. Downloaded and played a little this week, now that it's free to play, and there seem to be no such player as DrakusMortem.
  • I really need to check this page more often, lol.

    For anyone who wants to find me here, I'm on the now only US server, and there's a space in the name. Drakus Mortem.

    I'm still terribly addicted to the game, but that's life.
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