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It seems it's that time of year again to find out.... what the heck is going on in the world of warcraft and is DS still a viable entity? I guess I'll check back in 3 or 4 months IF I'm not back before that. I remain ever hopeful that I can come by even a little spending coin and find my way back in, sooner rather than later. My latest estimate is before the end of the year.


Until then (or whenever), have fun and don't give DS a bad name!


  • We're definitely in a lull right now but that's sort of expected before an expansion.  Even so, there are still a surprising number of people around...just not too many "guild activities" happening.  I'm sure things will pick up again once the expansion comes out (I think Nov 13 is the planned release date).

  • Yes, the 13th rings a bell. I believe someone told that was the date. I couldn't understand why not delay it another 10 days and release it on it's anniversary.

    I will try hard to return at that point... even if it's on this laptop and I'm just levelling up. MIGHT be able to manage some dungeons/raids on this thing. We'll see.

  • Hey, I popped back on to get my herd of alts in shape for next Tuesday when the pre-expac patch goes live. I hope to see you there, Grrr!! Lordy, we alt fans are in for a lot of work with this one.  hehe
  • Yeah, there was certainly a lull in activity the past few months since we stopped raiding.  I leveled a few alts to 60 and chose to boost my hunter up to 90.  Other than that, I tried to log in every day and do a few crafting cooldowns.  

    Would be great to get a few more DS'ers back in the game.  The regular raid group is usually only seven or eight guildies and two or three others (either complete PuG or someone's friend).
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