Calgary Floods...

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Hey, Grrr, if you read these boards from time to time, post and let us know if you were caught up in the floods. I kinda recall you lived in Calgary, but that may be wrong.  :)



  • I *think* he's in Ottawa unless that changed at some point.

    If he is indeed in Ottawa, here is an alternative topic for discussion:

  • Well.... I'll give you a heads up, but it looks like this site gets used even less than the first two we had.

    I am indeed in Ottawa, so no worry about floods.

    I was happily back and playing in Jan and Feb... after I got a new used monitor from my brother-in-law after my other one died.

    Until one day in the middle of february I decided it was time to reboot the old pc. After failing and trying to start up 3 times, I actually watched as my power supply literally fried before my eyes.

    Since I left my dead-end, crap job 5 years ago, it's been quite the roller coaster.

    So financially, things have been tight the last year, to the point I can't afford a new pc. Yeah, I could get a new power supply cheaper, but I WAS expecting that I would be able to afford a new pc when my tax return came in and saw no point in investing any money fixing up a pc that I desperately needed to replace anyway.

    Unfortunately, the company I was working for had finished the job I was working on and haven't been able to acquire any new contracts. I was laid off end of May. I had expectations that I would return to work with them, but it has not yet come to pass, so the time to look for other work is at hand.

    I would have posted something here sooner, but I did not know the website address off-hand. But today (Sept 23) I received an email from Blizz giving me a 7 day free trial to return. I decided to see if this laptop could even run WoW (which I had discounted back in February). 'Lo and behold, it can... sort of. I doubt it could handle a raid... probably not even an instance.

    But I was able to get the address, pop in, and post this to update you guys.

    I'm dying to get back, and it WILL comes to pass at some point. I just hope DS keeps on keeping on till I can return permanently.

    Anyway, you will probably see me in game the next few days.


    Grrr - it's not just a name, it's an attitude!

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    Man, yeah. I poke around from time to time, still have not found the motivation to re-up my subscription, maybe I'll do the 7 day thing too.

    That is a bummer about your economic situation.

    And grr, it's like creepy ESP. It has been awhile since I was on here, and what are the odds it would be right after a post?
  • You guys are up at crazy hours of the night...

    I'm glad that no one's house/possessions were destroyed by a flood.  Good to hear from "ya''ll" -- maybe see you in game.

    You can, by the way, enable email notifications in preferences so that you don't need to manually check the site every year. :)

  • And that would be useful - if I ever checked my email
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