Wake up people!

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Well, regrettably for the time being I've let my WoW account lapse.

How is everyone?


  • Ketharn is mostly playing Guild Wars 2 these days, though he has bounced between a few free MMOs like Star Wars and such.

    I'm still staying away from MMOs due to my tendonitis, and preferring not to spend all my free time in a game X3
  • Hoping to be back soon. Things remain tight. Just when I think I'm getting some breathing room, something pops up and things tighten right back up. It's just a matter of time though.
  • Another poke! How's everyone?
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    Doing well. But I'd be better if you joined me as a returning newb to WoW so I had someone to level with ;)

    Apparently I missed Grr by a few weeks though... Thank god.
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