Druid Stag Travel Form

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I'm not sure this is a good thing or not, but it's the first thing to peak my interest so far from MoP.  :D   Everyone still doing okay?

I might have to log on sometime and say, "Hi!"


  • I've been on an unofficial break from WoW for the past couple weeks.

    Currently, I am trying to limit the number of games I buy during Steam's summer sale.

  • Stag looks pretty neat...though Druid is the only class I don't have a character for right now.

    I, too, am at the mercy of the Steam summer sale.  Fragish and Ukla are to blame.  I picked up Dragon Age: Origins this week and it's a lot of fun, so far.  The Trine games are also a good time.

    My Steam name is localclovis if anyone wants a friend :)
  • I'll probably be back in wow, after my wedding. you know - when I'm "forced" onto a more normal sleep schedule.

    As for steam, I bought two copies of Borderlands GOTY a week before the summer sale   /cry

  • I am *totally* a Dragon Age fan, Clovis. I've played it through more times than I care to admit and I still haven't explored every possible path...but, I'm pretty sure I've done all the ones I'd enjoy doing.  :)

    I daresay DA: Origins will be the last game NOT to have the feel of a console game ported to the PC. Dragon Age II definitely has a console "feel" to it.

    Diablo III? Meh. Might as well be a FPS for all the "roleplaying" there is to it.  ;)
  • When is the wedding, Drak? And, major congratulations, much rice and celebrations!

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