The Amazing Dragonstar Race

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I've been teasing it through the Message of the Day all weekend, and here is the big announcement!

                         The Amazing Dragonstar Race                        

There are a lot of events looming on the horizon that will affect interest in World of Warcraft. I'll be frank in stating that I continue to play World of Warcraft because I love our community. In an effort to combat summer doldrums, Diablo III, and the general malaise associated with the end on an expansion cycle, I have developed the first of what I hope will be a series of fun community events. I realize thinking something like this can combat vacations and new games is wishful thinking, but I need to try.

The Amazing Dragonstar Race (it really needs a snazzier name) is based on the television show. Small team sof players take on timed races involving a number of tasks to be completed along the way. I have not finished hammering out every last detail, but I can give you a solid concept. Right now it's about the consistency of hour-old concrete.

  • One leg per week during the month of May (four legs)
  • Teams will consist of three unique players (as opposed to unique accounts)
  • Team will be accompanied by a race official (anyone want to
    officiate with me?)
  • Standings for each individual race-leg based in part on time
    and in part on tasks
  • Standings for individual race-legs will earn points toward an overall champion
  • Individual race-legs will have small prizes
  • The overall competitions will win something a little more substantial
  • Modes of travel will be determined per each leg-race
Even though I am still working on details, I can give you
the following information about the race-legs...
  • Leg 1 – The Desolace Dash – Tue May 01 thru Mon May 07
  • Leg 2 – Storming the Peaks – Tue May 08 thru Mon May 14
  • Leg 3 – The Deepholm Drag – Tue May 15 thru Mon May 21
  • Leg 4 – The Lordaeron Triathlon – Tue May 22 thru Mon May 28
I'm hoping this keep guild morale (and maybe attendance) up during what would normally be a down time. Any concerns, flames, and general unhappiness should be directed to Grrr via a personal conversation.



  • Cool, Gallatin.  Sounds like fun.  Thanks for setting this up. 

    LF Partner TADR.  PST.
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