What Rahn has been up too.

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Didn't know this forum existed until I took the 7 free days of WoW offer from Blizzard, but I did get a couple of questions of what I've been up to for about half a year.  Long story short I've been pursuing some interests that I always kept putting off due to how much time I did put into WoW.  One of them was learning more about Flash.

As such I ended up assembling a flash based game you can find here:  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/591202

I doubt I'll be sticking around in WoW past the 7 free days, I can't say I miss the grind; that and coming back after so many months to see all my gear is pretty much worthless and replaced in the span of an evening somewhat hammers in the point of how pointless most of what one works for in the game is lost and replaced so quickly.  Certainly is nice to hang out with everyone, but that just makes WoW a very expensive chat program!
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