WoW Character Plugin

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I created (and enabled) a plugin that allows forum users to be associated with World of Warcraft characters.  Currently it provides only some basic functionality (character avatar and some flavor text), but it could be the foundation for more stuff in the future.  A new link was added to the user profile page to manage the association.

Please let me know if you experience anything buggy or weird.



  • Excellent! once this proves to be awesomeness, maybe i'll bug you about getting a ToR one too, muahahahaha
  • I'm sure something could be done.  The new plugin uses the armory API to gather most of the data it uses, but theoretically that data could just be entered manually by users for games lacking an API.

  • Looks good, Ek.  Nice job.
  • edited January 2012
    Thankee, Ekdar. But now everyone will know I am a druid ...
  • I'm a rogue? OH YEAH, I'M A ROGUE!
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