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  • Jeeeezz.... you couldn't shave?!!!...... those eyebrows?!
  • Yes, the 13th rings a bell. I believe someone told that was the date. I couldn't understand why not delay it another 10 days and release it on it's anniversary.I will try hard to return at that point... even if it's on this laptop and I'm just level…
  • Hoping to be back soon. Things remain tight. Just when I think I'm getting some breathing room, something pops up and things tighten right back up. It's just a matter of time though.
  • Familer?
    in Wildstar Comment by Grrr September 2014
  • Well.... I'll give you a heads up, but it looks like this site gets used even less than the first two we had.I am indeed in Ottawa, so no worry about floods.I was happily back and playing in Jan and Feb... after I got a new used monitor from my brot…
  • The Kapek is a lie
    in Well? Comment by Grrr March 2012
  • Whew...  I understand the perils of bringing in guildies who haven't had the chance to do DS or just run with the guild on any current content, however, I would definitely like that to be a consideration to weekly endeavors. I know that a large part…
  • Good to have a home again. Even if people rarely visit. :) 
    in Welcome! Comment by Grrr January 2012