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  • BOO! I'm still poking around at Wow as we're wiping up the Legion. Probably 6-8 more months of this before the next Xpac. We raided as a guild for the first raid tier last year then breaks started happening and you typically only see a handful (a…
  • Hey Kappy! I let my subscription lapse earlier this year but will definitely be back for Legion. I guess 7.0 will go live in the next couple of weeks, so I'll likely show up around then to play with the new game tweaks (or overhauls) and get in on…
    in Legion Comment by Clovis July 2016
  • Guess I'm too late to the Wildstar party. Downloaded and played a little this week, now that it's free to play, and there seem to be no such player as DrakusMortem.
    in Wildstar Comment by Clovis November 2015
  • Yeah, there was certainly a lull in activity the past few months since we stopped raiding.  I leveled a few alts to 60 and chose to boost my hunter up to 90.  Other than that, I tried to log in every day and do a few crafting cooldowns.   Would be g…
  • Thank goodness...I'd been meaning to talk to you about that, Ek ;)
  • Need to petition to school board to change the mascot to the bears!
  • Stag looks pretty neat...though Druid is the only class I don't have a character for right now. I, too, am at the mercy of the Steam summer sale.  Fragish and Ukla are to blame.  I picked up Dragon Age: Origins this week and it's a lot of fun, so fa…
  • Cool, Gallatin.  Sounds like fun.  Thanks for setting this up.  LF Partner TADR.  PST.
  • And...just got my beta invite email.  Downloading and installing now.  ;)
    in MoP Beta Comment by Clovis March 2012
  • I'm fine w/ the group consensus, as I get most of my fun out of playing with the group and working together toward whatever goal is ahead of us.   That being said, though, I really have little-to-no interest in heroic modes of current content.  As a…
  • Cool.  Glad you're having fun...though we miss seeing you around, of course.  
    in Well? Comment by Clovis January 2012
  • Strong.  I catch random TNG episodes on at odd times when I'm channel surfing on DirecTV.   I promise to buy the first season on Blu-ray if you buy me a Blu-ray player.
  • Looks good, Ek.  Nice job.
  • So far, so good, Ekdar!
    in Welcome! Comment by Clovis December 2011