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  • Apparently I didn't remember my own either, as I didn't get a notification when you replied to this. :)
  • We're definitely in a lull right now but that's sort of expected before an expansion.  Even so, there are still a surprising number of people around...just not too many "guild activities" happening.  I'm sure things will pick up again once the expan…
  • You guys are up at crazy hours of the night... I'm glad that no one's house/possessions were destroyed by a flood.  Good to hear from "ya''ll" -- maybe see you in game. You can, by the way, enable email notifications in preferences so that you don'…
  • I *think* he's in Ottawa unless that changed at some point. If he is indeed in Ottawa, here is an alternative topic for discussion: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2013/06/22/ottawa-excellent-historic-strawberry-crop.html -Ekdar
  • I have purged the spam accounts and changed registration to an invitation-based system.  In each user's profile there is a "My Invitations" link which allows existing members to invite prospect members.  I am investigating ways that would allow us t…
    in Spam Comment by Ekdar May 2013
  • There's that saying, "androids finish last".
  • Cool, congrats! I think Ben and I may be the only remaining bachelors in the guild. :) -Ekdar
  • Unfortunately the colors are still messed up when you go to preview a post, apparently (black text on black background).  I guess I can't solve all the world's problems in one night.
  • It could be worse.  I think the druid pretzel form is at least a couple expansions away.
  • I've been on an unofficial break from WoW for the past couple weeks. Currently, I am trying to limit the number of games I buy during Steam's summer sale. -Ekdar
  • I also have not experienced a comic book in a while, but anything with time travel and the Borg has to be good. Sorry that I've been MIA lately -- I got back this week from a trip to Washington DC and New York City, and I am still sort of recovering…
    in ST:TNG Comics Comment by Ekdar June 2012
  • This is pretty much how that fight happened last night.
  • I'd be interested to try heroic modes and/or alt runs through Dragon Soul.  I'm not too interested in doing old stuff (too grindy for me) but I could occasionally tag along if enough others were interested. -Ekdar
  • Saw this in the Morchok guide: Wait for the stomp from Kohcrom or Morchok and then have the 3 players on each side that are not the tank, nor the double stomp soaker, move on top of the crystal. I don't think I was waiting for the stomp to move to t…
  • I'm sure something could be done.  The new plugin uses the armory API to gather most of the data it uses, but theoretically that data could just be entered manually by users for games lacking an API. -Ekdar
  • I just watched the particularly relevant Ultraxion video:   I had no idea that a tank was staying in the twilight realm when the rest of us left -- that could be helpful to know as a healer. :) -Ekdar