How is it going? Are you still enjoying fighting evil ... no, wait, you are evil, right?  ;)

Just curious!


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    Heh, yes I am very evil.

     Simply put, I chose the side that I knew would inevitably loose. But, I only know that because of my super-nerdly-know-how of the Star Wars timeline. (although if you read the books past the movies . . . the republic eventually dies, and the sith are still roamin . . . so ???)

     The game itself still has plenty of bugs - more and more die of each week though - They are constanly making handly little improvements. My biggest complaint to date has to be the UI though. Once they release the API and allow for mods, I will be much happier.

     Speaking of mods, since we're in the "Vanilla" era of ToR, I doubt i'd care to have things like recount. Unless Bioware makes the same mistakes blizzard did - we won't ever "need" one.

     The fighting style is very different, firstly there is no auto attack, and second every attack has an animation . . . and on some of those if you interupt the animation the attack will not go through, which ironicly enough, adds some realism to the game.

     All in all, Blizzard still hasn't fixed my problem, so I am biased, but I consider this game a worthwhile investment. While it may not be a "Wow-killer" in general, it probably is for me.

  • Cool.  Glad you're having fun...though we miss seeing you around, of course.  
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    We are Sith... but we are not ALL evil. I am playing a light sith. Its a tricky process. And it doesnt always work out as well as I would like it to. But I'm managing. There are a lot more opportunities to fry people with lightning than there are to charm them into giving you your way- but oh well. I find other ways to rack up light points. 

    I'm enjoying the game because it doesnt fall into the repetitive - same content over and over and over- routine. 

    I hit 50 a while ago, but have started 3 alts, all of whom I play- and enjoy playing. The story is wildly different for each class, as is the play style. It really feels like a whole new game for each class. Leveling NEVER involves a grind process and crafting does not involve countless hours of running around looking for nodes (although you still can do that if you want to). I also love that good gear is all mod-able. So its about finding gear that you like the look of, and then moding it up to par- as opposed to everyone running around with the same look all the time. 

    Every class gets 5 companions unique to that class, any of which you can bring along with you (one at any given time). It adds another variable to mix up how you play. Likewise, companions, while not as smart as a player (usually), are viable alternatives and can reasonably fill a slot in an instance. They also can do crafting materials gathering for you. Send them off on missions and they bring back the material you tell them to. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours- and costs you credits. But it really takes the bore out of resource gathering. Granted, there are certain resources needed for high level crafting epics that require world boss drops and such. Toss in the companion story quests, affection rating, and marriage- and they are a really cool feature.

    There are only a few high end operations so far. The pvp is woefully unbalanced. Some classes have talent trees that feel weird. (Although, I have read that Bioware intends to make hybrid specs as viable as 'pure' builds, so this may just be an issue of people not being used to that) So like Drak said, its a new game that needs the kinks ironed out. The UI situation aggravates me as well. But again, just a matter of time till that is a non issue too. 

    The biggest issue to watch will be the speed at which Bioware delivers on its promises. If they take 2 years to release the features they were talking about in PC gamer two days ago (Guild Capital Ships, Legacy system, PvP Warzones, etc...) than I will probably lose interest. But if they can churn out enough new content to keep the game fresh- who knows. 

  • The Kapek is a lie
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